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Want to dance? But don’t know where to start from?

Updated: Apr 16

Dance has been a part of our lives since the earliest civilizations and even before the introduction of written language and modern history. Many historians believe that ritual dances are one of the important elements of the development of human civilizations. Some say it’s a fun way to express emotions, some say it’s a great physical exercise one can do while others sum it up as one of the Indian ways of celebration. From festivals to parties, from road trips to reunions, from birthdays to weddings, it’s not hidden from anyone that it is the paramount source of entertainment. At times, dance has also been termed the mother of all art forms.

There is a dancer in all of us. Gone are the days when the dance was just a hobby for every other kid, today it can be much more than just a mere hobby. It can absolutely be overwhelming to see all those dancers participating in competitions, taking a step towards their dream of becoming a great dancer, or starting from scratch by taking dance classes. They say dance is a lot to take in. One never knows where to start from. What forms of dance should one start from? How many classes should one take to begin with? Brush aside all these questions because we have got you covered. Here are the six beginner dance tips to help you start with your dance learning:

Learn about different forms of dance and select a style for yourself :

Since the beginning, different dance forms have changed, merged, and evolved into what we know today as the most well-known dance genres. There are numerous dance forms that you may be unsure of which to start with when deciding to learn to dance. Begin with learning a little about a variety of styles and then, definitely, figure out what form you are interested in just to make it easier for you to find the best resources.

Decide on the technique :

Now, it’s time to decide whether you want to learn just the basic techniques or a specific dance. The technique is the base of almost every fundamental of dance. From getting a hold of your body correctly while performing to executing your skills properly. Technique plays an important role across all areas of dance. Whether it's salsa, hip-hop, contemporary, ballet, or kathak, there is always an element of technique that can be worked on to improve your dance.

Do a little exercise. Warm-up, before you begin :

You need to warm up before you start dancing. Start exercising till your body is warmed up, it won’t take much of your time. Get your heart rate up and muscles warm by jogging in place or do some stretching. Some of the dance forms require a bit of flexibility, so focus on some exercises that will help you get going.

Don’t look down while you dance :

Looking down or staring at your own feet while dancing is one of the most common mistakes made by beginner dancers. It should be avoided. Dancing is all about feeling. Feeling the music to find your rhythm, feeling your emotions to express. Rather than staring down, you should try to focus on your next step and the step feels with every move of yours. While dancing with a partner, try to pay attention to your partner's body movements and steps and try to feel each move made by your partner. At times, try your moves in front of a life-size mirror so that you can see how you look and watch every step of yours.

Take the lessons :

Finally, it’s that part of your journey where you actually start to learn to dance. Play your favorite video and get moving! If you are taking online classes, keep your laptop or mobile nearby so that you can pause and rewind when you need to see a step again. If you are taking offline classes and going to a dance academy, do not shy away from dancing in front of people. Do not hesitate to do the same step again - some steps take a little longer time than others to master.

Practice! Practice! And PRACTICE!! :

They say practice makes a man perfect and with practice, you can master a new skill. So, do not give up! Keep watching the same video to practice and new videos too with other choreographers to get better at your dance. The more you work at it, you will see improvement.

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