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Why Nrityashaala?

Dancing and learning to dance have been a source of happiness for people of every age for so many years. There are several reasons why people choose to enroll in a dance class - for physical exercise, to expand their creativity, weight management, or just because of their eternal love for dance. From boosting your self-confidence to developing your personality, dance classes teach you several other things apart from just dance.

A dance class is a dancer’s second home. Growing as a dancer is all about how you get trained, and where you have been trained has a lot to do with that. An inordinate dance class will provide you with equitable instructions and resources for your training along with a community of dancers to dance and share knowledge with.

We live in a world where dance classes are popping up on every corner of the street every other day. With thousands of options available, it can be very overwhelming for people of every age who are new to dance. How will you come to know if you are going to the right dance school? So, how are you going to figure out which dance class is right for you? Look for the following things while scoping out a dance class for yourself -

  • Not just choreographers, look for instructors too

Several dance classes attract their clientele by advertising that they have famous teachers and instructors. Look up who teaches in the class. Those will be the people you will be learning from and training under. Look through their websites, social media platforms, and YouTube channels. This will give you a better understanding of their dance styles and personalities. Once you find a dance instructor you like, take their class.

At Nrityashaala student growth is our priority and we have curated a roster of instructors who are dedicated to that. We understand that just being a good dancer is not enough to be a great instructor. The dancing skills of students lay in the hands of our team and we take this privilege earnestly.

  • Condition and maintenance of the dance class

Not all floors are created equal and not all of them are suitable for a dance class. Other than checking the dance floor, you should also consider checking the other physical condition of the class like if the AC is working, are there a few mirrors in the classroom, and so on. Before enrolling you should always visit the class physically.

Nrityashaala has large dance classes with lots of natural lights, big mirrors, and air conditioning, creating a perfect environment for learning dance. The floors are designed specifically to reduce harmful impacts and protect dancers from slipping.

  • Customer service

Always find out what sort of customer service is available to students enrolling in a dance class. Some people prefer speaking over the call while others are tech-savvy and prefer to limit the communication over text messages, e-mail, or even social media platforms.

We, at Nrityashaala, have made getting in touch with us very easy for people of every age. There are several ways to reach us. We are always a call away. You can also use text or WhatsApp messages, e-mail, Instagram, or even Facebook. We are available seven days a week for any of your queries or concerns. We are constantly looking for ways to serve our students and clients better.

With a mission to develop charismatic and exceptional dancers, we, at Nrityashaala, offer a professional dance training program under the guidance of the best teachers and instructors who contribute to the well being of the art & culture of their respective fields. We do not count the level of experience a student has, each and every member of our dance family plays a crucial role in achieving this mission.

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