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A common quote, “Health is Wealth”, is a practical quote. If you are ill how could you help someone else? A healthy body and mind would achieve prosperity, rather than an ill body. What we eat in our diet, should be aware of its effects and […]
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The connection between mind and body is as important as oxygen and lungs. Both are interdependent, if one fails to be on track the second will collapse.  Every living being needs to calm down anxiety and stress level in order to inhale positive energy in our […]
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Every individual carries interest and passion towards their profession and some do as a compulsion or need to survive their livelihood. If someone is a fine cricketer, would not be the same in football. Same criteria are followed for each individual, with different uniqueness to perform […]
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Dance is the most transient of all art forms, and the use of visual equipment like cameras along with the development of useful dance notation in the late 19th century contributed to its critical value.  The family of dance forms is diverse and encpompasses the world. […]
It is time for individuals who ought to express and prospect themselves in the dancing sector, with the diversification of Indian dance into pristine horizons and vitalise its roots. This blog will present you to a career in dance and assist you in understanding its boundless […]
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From prehistoric time to modern era, dance has been a part of our lives. Many believe it as a great physical exercise but here in India, it has a prominent meaning to people in celebrations and jollies. Dance is entitled as the mother of all art […]
Dancing and learning to dance have been a source of happiness for people of every age for so many years. There are several reasons why people choose to enroll in a dance class – for physical exercise, to expand their creativity, weight management, or just because […]
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In the professional world people are usually people defined by their chronological age. People tend to start assuming a lot of things the moment they get to know about someone’s age. Age tells a lot about a person. But it’s not the same in our world, […]
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Dance has been a part of our lives since the earliest civilisations and even before the introduction of written language and modern history. Many historians believe that ritual dances are one of the important elements of the development of human civilisations. Some say it’s a fun […]
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Are you from one of those people who are shy on the dance floor? Do you feel motionless when you are on the dance floor and there are a couple of eyes on you? Do you feel ill at ease of not being able to keep […]