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Every individual carries interest and passion towards their profession and some do as a compulsion or need to survive their livelihood. If someone is a fine cricketer, would not be the same in football.

Same criteria are followed for each individual, with different uniqueness to perform their ability. 

To many singing, would be a hobby and to some it would be a profession. But when you exercise and polish your hobby as further interest, it can become a profession for you.

If you ask a singer what music is to you, they would express their profession as pious and affectionate towards work. 

A dance to a dancer is a sense of erotomania which they fulfill everyday by performing and learning as well as educating society through rigorous performance. Dancers believe their art as holistic living.

The journey to develop dance abilities at a young age is participation in school functions.

holistic dance by woman

The enthusiasm carries them to join the dance academy where they polish their skills, and further in college functions they perform and achieve name and fame.

And follow their skill as a profession further through different dance shows and performance stages. This timeline is a journey of few famous dancers, had resources and achieved success at an early age.

But certainly there are dancers, had to struggle due to lack of financial support and proper resources. But still they earn hard and believe their talent to achieve their dream by rigorous efforts. Every dancer has their life story which keeps them motivated towards their aim.

An experience dancer (20 years to success) says in an interview take chance in life with calculate risk, don’t worry about failure, because failure is the key to success.

You don’t win every time, but you learn. Persistency and consistency is the key to success. Don’t expect instant result. Be confident, self- motivated and clarity in your actions. Success will speak when you receive an applauding audience. 

We at Nrityashala dance academy motivate and guide dance enthusiast by understanding each individual’s perspective towards dance, and working together to flourish, their unique way.

We stand with our beginners who approach learning belly dance, ballet, hip hop, salsa, bhangra, choreography and many others. Besides this we provide online and offline workshops on dance. 


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