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Are you from one of those people who are shy on the dance floor? Do you feel motionless when you are on the dance floor and there are a couple of eyes on you?

Do you feel ill at ease of not being able to keep up with the beats or not knowing a particular dance move? It’s totally understandable to feel shy if you are dancing alone or if you are dancing as a couple and trying to follow a particular dance step.

Do you also want to dance with more confidence without feeling embarrassed or shy? We think, YOU SHOULD!! 

No matter how cool you are among your friends or how textured your moves are, you will never “slay” or “stand out” unless you dance with more confidence.

Practicing is one of the keys to gain more confidence, improve your ability to dance like nobody’s watching, and getting out of your comfort zone to the dance floor.

The more you feel free in your body movements, the less self conscious you will be. People who look comfortable in their own bodies while dancing are the most captivating dancers.

Dancing is all about having fun and you need to have fun. So, how are you going to develop that confidence and have that ease of dancing in yourself?

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Here are the five tips to help you dance like nobody’s watching :-

1. Put in the work on yourself

The more you work on yourself and the more time you give to yourself as a dancer, the more confidence you are gonna build naturally.

The only way to be more self-assured is to watch yourself getting doper and understand music effortlessly. Your work on yourself and the results from your hard work will give a boost to your confidence and motivation.

2. “Nobody is perfect”, stop trying to be perfect

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We don’t want to do anything unless we do it perfectly. This is the only barrier to improving yourself.There is no “perfect” and “nobody is perfect”.

Everyone has to start from the scratch, even the people who have achieved perfection in dance started at the beginning as novices. Having a “being perfect” mindset is negative.

You need to embrace where you are in the realm of dancing and believe that with practice you will get better at dancing and be less self-conscious.

3. Groove on your favourite music

It’s always easy to groove on your favorite music rather than dancing on just any random music. Before you start dancing, put your favourite playlist on and just let yourself feel the music.

Start moving freely, leave your body free and really get into it. Do this often and you will start feeling comfortable dancing and gain more confidence.

4. Start taking dance classes

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One can significantly improve his/her dancing abilities by taking dance classes. A dance class does not only help you learn dance from the best instructors but also gives you confidence to dance in front of a bunch of strangers.

An instructor will also provide you coaching that will help you gain more confidence and be more positive about how you are developing your dancing skills.

You can also opt for private dance lessons if you are uncomfortable about dance classes.

5. Don’t just dance alone. Go to places where others are dancing too

Get over your fear of dancing by going to different places where there are several other people dancing.

Dance among the people who are really into dancing as they are not watching you. They are just dancing and having fun.

Being in that environment is a big step towards being confident. You can also observe how people around you are dancing and ask your close friends to come with you.

That’s your support group. Dancing with them will make you feel comfortable enough. You have got it!!


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