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The Rise of Hip-Hop

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From prehistoric time to modern era, dance has been a part of our lives. Many believe it as a great physical exercise but here in India, it has a prominent meaning to people in celebrations and jollies.

Dance is entitled as the mother of all art forms. There are incalculable styles of dance as it has its own entity.

The Rise of Hip-Hop as a culture

Hip-Hop dance is a unique, edgy and energetic urban style of dance that is often performed to hip-hop music and ‘desi’ beats in relevance to India.

It’s a high-spirited form of dance that combines countless freestyle movements to create cultural pieces of art.

don't let anyone dull your sparkle - dance quote

It is a style that is free to express itself as dancers are unchained to interpret in any way they want or could, leading to various innovative and compelling dance styles.

This modern dance style has evolved into one of the most influential and popular styles of dance, having abundant forms- Locking, Popping, Breakdancing, House, Whacking, Reggae and the list goes on and on.

It provides vibrant means for art, exercise and gesticulation, fabricating a platform for individuals to express and present their undeniable knack to the world. 

Hip-Hop dance is a culture and art movement, which began during the late 1960’s to early 1970’s.It was originally inspired by African dancing and prospered as a new form of dance that was performed on the streets by dancers.

It included key aspects of modern/urban dance, complex movements and integrating music to create virtuosity. 

In India, there are many national as well as international competitions in hip-hop dance.

Moreover with the rise of its insurmountable culture in India, the nation is prospering in the field of competitive dancing and started acknowledging it as a form of art.

With modernisation people have started showing their major scrutiny in different forms of hip-hop.

There are many studios and academies who are teaching dance but are you sure you want to memorise it?

boy doing hip-hop dance

Dance should come from the heart so here we, ‘Nrityashaala’ Dance Academy, are passionate in teaching hip-hop and its diverse forms because of its more imperturbable style of dance which allows dancers/performers to let loose and fret less about its technique and more about expressing themselves.

Founded in 2015, Nrityashaala is known for its astounding dance training. From experienced professional dancers to extremely talented choreographers, the academy is open to all the dance forms.

We also provide Wedding Choreography, Backlight shows, Event Choreography, Corporate Shows and National-International Ballets on a professional level. 

‘Nrityashaala’ offers exciting hip-hop as well as umpteen dance styles in Chattarpur Hills, New Delhi that incorporate improvisation, body control and high-energy movements that have sculpted the modern dance style for decades.

Our proficient trainers and instructors have a keen desire to make sure that students truly understand and experience that the classes are fun and a safe place for them to be who they really are and wish for. 

For more information on classes and registration, call today at +91 7303208268 / 69.

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