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The connection between mind and body is as important as oxygen and lungs. Both are interdependent, if one fails to be on track the second will collapse. 

Every living being needs to calm down anxiety and stress level in order to inhale positive energy in our inner soul and come to become the best version.

A busy schedule is a part of lifestyle and so for dancers. They tend to learn, think and execute their thoughts into action to achieve their daily goals. To achieve an agenda every individual sticks to certain rules and ethics believed by them. 

I asked one of the dancers, regarding how they will breathe peace in 2021, as his dance performance involves too much physical movements.

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He said “I drink a lot of water to keep my body hydrated and after my performance I take a deep nap, waking up in the morning followed by exercise, yoga and meditation asanas at my roof to inhale fresh and exhale toxins.

Today’s musical pitch is too loud and we tend to perform each beat. Sometimes my heart is pumped with thrill.  This thrill during my performance engages my soul to express my performance.

My routine everyday is to keep myself motivated and energetic in my profession”, because I love doing it. 

 After listening to this dancer, my ears alerted me to the words yoga and meditation to connect soul and mind, this is a pinch of difference being a dancer and normal person. A normal person may not be fit after hitting a certain age, but dancers are always flexible and fit.  

Science has proven, if you tend to see greenery around you, your mind meets peace and your eyes feel soothing. Nature has a solution to illness all you need is to look around consciously, and utilize it precisely.

Nrityashaala continuously tends to focus on inner peace of mind, so the dancers engage themselves in a productive and positive approach in their life. A nutritional food and regular exercise, yoga, meditation is a powerful way to attain focus and success.  


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