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A common quote, “Health is Wealth”, is a practical quote. If you are ill how could you help someone else?

A healthy body and mind would achieve prosperity, rather than an ill body. What we eat in our diet, should be aware of its effects and ill effects.

When you eat oily, cheesy or spicy your mouth gets, sense of gratification but not your stomach and internal organs, and further create health issues.

Our internal organs and senses are connected to each other, so every food has its consequences.

A healthy mind exists in a healthy body. Every human body follows their diet judiciously in order to maximize energy levels and to increase potential.

Society should be aware of proteins, carbohydrates, fibres, fats, calories, vitamins and minerals in their food.

healthy diet

If you ask Google what is a healthy diet for you, seasonal fruits and green vegetables, fish, fibres, proteins, cut down on fats and proper water intake. So if it is so easy, would you follow it?

A healthy diet is compulsory as a daily routine for the dancers to enhance their potential, performance and energy levels. To keep your body running energetic with physical movements carbohydrates and protein play a significant role. 

Mostly whole grains like barley, whole wheat, whole grain rye, millet, brown rice, corn, whole grain and whole wheat pasta, asparagus, a lot of fruit seeds and veggies, legumes, nuts and seeds, dark chocolates, yogurt.

In non veg- fish, eggs, seafood, grilled and baked chicken. These are some foods which a dancer follows to stay fit and healthy.

Dancing is a way to stay fit for people of all ages, shapes and sizes. It has a wide range of physical and mental benefits which improves your heart and lungs, increases muscular strength, muscle tone and strength, weight management, strong bones, better agility and flexibility.

These are supported by our food habits, the healthy you chew, and the wealth you become. In order to diminish your illness, start with a nutritional diet that would support your life and age.

Nrityashaala aims to accompany fitness diet knowledge to enthusiast’s dancer, across all ages, because dance doesn’t bother any boundaries.


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