It is time for individuals who ought to express and prospect themselves in the dancing sector, with the diversification of Indian dance into pristine horizons and vitalise its roots.

This blog will present you to a career in dance and assist you in understanding its boundless scope in India and all across the globe.

Dance as an art form and even a career subsisted since ancient times, in India it’s a way of celebrating- from weddings to birthdays, parties to festivals, modern dance competitions to old Bollywood music.

While the Indian culture and heritage have invariably acknowledged and admired dance, the breakthrough in the acceptability of dance as a career in present times has precisely been prodigious.

Once upon a time dancing was scrutinized as a hobby, today it can be much more.

The Indian sub-continent has had traditional dance forms like Bharatnatyam, Udippi, Garba, Kathak for story-telling, devotion, poetry and celebration.

New dance forms like hip-hop, contemporary, Bollywood dancing are superhit amongst the youth.

In this modern world, dance career is immensely respected and unlocks many doors of possibility and opportunities if used wisely. 

More than just a co-curricular activity 

The dance sector has gone through colossal change in previous decades and this worldwide evolution is one of the major reasons why dance as a career option is more admissible in India today, it has also changed the outlook of parents because of its- 

1. Universal Popularity:

group of people dancing

With digitalisation and globalisation, the people on a worldwide level are coming closer to each other.

As a result, the more people watch and perceive that there are hundreds and thousands of professionals across the globe making a great living as a dancer, the more it is endorsed as a profound profession among the general mindset.

2. Healthy lifestyle:

Yet one more reason for the escalating acceptability of dance as a career option is the emerging awareness regarding the necessity for a healthy lifestyle.

“Dance has gone beyond the periphery of an art form and now, is also a means to a healthy  lifestyle, a positive avenue to de stress, and a way to vent emotions.” -Shaimak Davar

woman showing dance lifestyle

3. Etiquette development:

When enthusiasm can have a life-sustaining purpose, it can be forged into a triumph profession making it bound to be taken seriously. Parents have also seen positive behaviour and confidence change in their children.

Thinking of Career Opportunities in Dance? We got you all sorted

Great dancers are not great because of their technique, they are great because of their passion.” – Martha Graham

There is abundance of opportunities to pursue an affluent career in dance:

  • Choreography for TV and Movies
  • Wedding choreographer
  • Dance Studio
  • Visual Artist
  • Fitness Trainer
  • Dance teacher at a school
  • Dance Classes to all age group 
  • Dance Teacher in corporate or schools
  • Celebrity Dance Trainer

All you need to be is determined and passionate to excel in this career field. It requires years of dedication, practice, patience and most certainly – being at the right place at the right time.

Today, a dance career isn’t perceived as a lowly profession but more as an act of elegance, strength, courtesy, fitness and more.


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