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Do you love to dance but have No rhythm and confidence? Don’t worry wear your dancing shoes and learn from some of the best artists in the industry. From Foundational training to Choreography to workshops we offer the best dance training to you. We are a one-stop solution to all your dancing needs.

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Nrityashaala Studios was created with a motto to promote quality over quantity. 

Our vision has always been to provide a structure of education that matters to all. From Providing some of the best infrastructures to utilizing and working on time management. Providing a safe comfortable dancing environment to choosing some of the most well-trained and Experienced Dance instructors the list is never-ending.

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1. How do I get started?
Time to take your first step….Now it’s easy to get a trainer of your choice at your convenience, of course within the business hours 😉. We’ll start over with the fundamentals of dance, introduce you to a host of different styles and get your more comfortable with dancing. You’ll just have to take a little test run with us , it will make us know what you like and how you would like to learn and based on that we would give a recommendation according to your needs. We will make it so fun and easy for you that you won’t believe just call, text, email and message us and we’ll make you learn dance in no time.
2. Why should I learn to dance ?
Getting onto the dance floor only can in itself make you do better in a lot of areas of your life. It will not only boost your confidence, mood and social skills, but your body tone and posture, too. Learning to dance is more than an investment in technique; it is an investment in a fun and healthier lifestyle.
Studies have shown that learning to dance can improve brain function and cognitive ability, while helping prevent or delay Alzheimer’s disease in late adulthood.
3. How fast can I learn to dance ?
The key to improving your dance skills is a well-rounded, balanced program that incorporates all aspects of dance instruction. We have a 3-part system: group classes, private lessons, and social dance parties. Utilizing all three will help you progress quickly, as each service compliments the other.
4. Is there any age limit or range ?
Dancing is a natural and ageless form of expression. Our Dance Studio has no age restrictions whether it’s an adult or a child , they should have fun doing it. We do offer private lessons, master classes, and group classes for all age groups. The students are strictly put into groups according to their age and skill set.
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We value the experimentation, the reformation of the message, and the smart incentives. We offer a variety of services and solutions Worldwide.
Nrityashaala has been fantastic in helping me out with my wedding dances. The process to schedule classes is seamless and extremely flexible, thanks a bunch Sonali! Special shout-out to Ishita for being such a fun, patient and friendly dance teacher which is essential for beginners like me. Keep doing the amazing job you guys!

Shivkumar Chauhan

Great great experience! Definitely one of the best choreographers and teachers!


Rajat and his team are very talented dancers and they made our wedding choreography sessions so much fun and easy to learn. Highly recommended.

Urvika Gola

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